Transpread/Land Drive Spreaders

MFL manufacture a versatile range of spreading machines from Transpread and for Land Drive.


Our spreaders can handle fertiliser, lime, sand, salt and many other materials for use in agricultural, horticultural, ground care and industrial applications.

We specialise in the manufacture of spreaders to the individual users requirements, whether farmer,

contractors or corporations, with capacities from 2000kg to 12,000kg.

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Transpread Spreaders & Agricultural Machinery


MFL are the sole United Kingdom manufacturers of the Transpread range of Lime and Fertiliser spreaders. These versatile machines are built under licence from Transpread International of New Zealand. MFL’s particular strength lies in our ability to produce machines modified to meet individual customers needs or specifications.


Machines have been produced for:

  • · High duty liming operations

  • · Fertiliser and fibrofos spreading

  • · Ground stabilisation duties

  • · Salting/gritting work

  • · Sand spreading on fairways and sportsgrounds

  • · Trench filling machines

Machines are produced in two basic types, the belt spreader—known as the 830 available in capacities from 2 to 12 tonnes.

Also available is the chain spreader in V500 and V730 forms with capacities from 2 to 8 tonnes. These machines are emptied via a chain in the hopper floor and have stainless hoppers as standard.


Our broad experience and excellent manufacturing facilities enable us to work closely with our customers creating a purpose built machine that will give many years of reliable service.


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